Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome to the Big Woo!

As you know, David and I have jumped full force into the adoption process, hoping for a little one from Ethiopia by next Spring/Summer 2008. All the paperwork is signed, sealed, delivered. We’re just waiting semi-patiently, looking into the windows of baby shops, touching a onsie or two. Calming our anticipation with adult dinners and chilled martinis - things that will surely become a thing of the past relatively soon.

We’re calling our blog - the Big Woo - after the fictitious volcano from that late 80’s underrated gem, Joe Versus the Volcano with those overused darlings of the late 80s big screen - Ryan and Hanks. If you remember, Joe believed he was dying from some disease of the noodle, and thus decided to take on the duty of appeasing some god for a island tribe by volunteering to jump into a live volcano called The Big Woo. (A very much alive Abe Vigoda charms your socks off in the film as well.) The Big Woo becomes a sort of metaphor for the unknown in life, where you jump into a major life decision without knowing the end result. So, we’re jumping in the Big Woo of adoption and seeing what happens.

More to come...
Welcome to our adoption blog!