Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Budding Skillbase of Mr. M (and a Big Woo invite for questions)

We're working on Mr M's resume.

So far, he's demonstrated a real talent and inclination for Swiffing (hence reducing the need to promote my latest invention: The Swiffer OnsieTM). This makes me extremely excited. If I can find a smaller version, his efficiency for cleaning up dog hair could increase by 50%.

He also enjoys inspecting the insides of cupboards or armoires for doggies, cars, or bottles.

We're trying to get M into music but currently he seems more interested in guitar descruction. We thought we'd start him with street performance. Here he is. Busking. We made a couple of quid.

While we're obviously hard at work developing M's skill base, I thought I would shake things up here at the Big Woo and get into some deeper analysis and rambling retrospection about adoption, transracial parenting, and other deeper motherhoodian concerns. Shocking! I know. Where did my commitment to the shallow and mundane go? It will still be there, but I thought I'd stretch my little brain a bit and give some deeper stuff a go. Now, we all know where my commitment to a blog post a day went, so don't hold the collective breath too long. This could be a random post here or there that I bust out like a summer month.

Anyway - to start the party, I thought I would put out a call for questions. Anything really. Many Woo visitors are exploring adoption as an option and perhaps there is something about our experience that you would like to know more about.

Is this how Dear Abby started? Or, should the Big Woo keeps its big lid shut? Let's find out.