Saturday, May 10, 2008

Got Something

We actually got something! Not a referral but a choice. Every summer, the Ethiopian court system shuts down because of complications that arise from the rainy season. In most years, our agency would stop giving referrals right before this closure so that families are not waiting an extra period of time for their cases to go court and subsequently, to pick up their children. However, because everything is so backed up anyway, and timeframes are increasing overall, CHSFS has decided to give families the decision about whether or not they will receive a referral during the court closure. Because we are spazzy, and an impatient pair, we've decided to go for it and take a referral during the closure.

What does this mean? We don't know, but it appears to be some sort of progress and some sort of chance that we won't be looking for a referral in the fall and winter, but rather during midsummer. Again, anything can happen, but this at least keeps the windows open to a summer possibility.

As luck may have it, I'm off today to India for the next two weeks. What better way to distract myself and stop staring at The List, the walls, and my dogs, by traveling through a country at the hottest time of year. Oh yes, its a balmy 107 degrees in Delhi right now. I'm completing gauzing out with frocks that flow and products that hopefully will keep my thighs from permanently sticking together. I'll try to post updates on sweat levels, strange happenings, and the sensory overload that is India.