Sunday, January 13, 2008

Big Woo Bowl of Thanks

Hi all,

I've been procrastinating like a champ on getting this blog started. Not quite sure what to say or where to take it. I'd like to be witty, pithy, and perhaps even a little entertaining but most of my best thoughts happen in the car at 50 mph on Lake Shore Drive while talking to my imaginary carpool friends.

So I thought I would start off by being thankful. Thankful to our parents (Mom, Hal & Phyllis), family, and friends who have been so supportive and excited about our upcoming addition.

We want to say a special thanks to those individuals who ignored all evidence to the contrary and made us look like potentially competent parents for what the adoption process fondly refers to as:

THE LETTERS OF REFERENCE!!!! cue clap of thunder & ominous laughing....

Thank you Eileen! - Ignoring obvious diagnoses screaming out from the DSM, she gave David and I a full and beautifully written blessing. And did you know that she's a real grown up psychiatrist and everything?

Thank you Loren! - This woman has been juggling a family of five, while moving states, (I think she may have also solved the poverty problem in Africa) and still found the time (ignoring our frat-like tendencies) to write us a beautiful letter. It also helped that I've held her babies and not dropped them.

Thank you Katherine! - I have to post the "first draft" of the reference letter Katherine put together - it is Hi-larious. While it clearly speaks more to the truth of who we are (minus the swinging which we gave up in 04), she wrote the "real one" that's sure to put us on the cover of Adoptive Families magazine.

Thank you Robbyn! - Robbyn knows firsthand the sailor-like mouth I possess, and has to listen to my endless stories of being the original "girl gone wild." Yet, somehow, she swallowed the truth and made us look like gauze-wearing earth parents.

Thank you Shelley! Here's another one that was moving states yet quickly answered the call for a reference letter. Our trips to Cubbie games worked!!! Despite her witness to nights of sushi gluttony, she gave us a most appreciated thumbs up.

Thank you Gwen! - This was the riskiest choice. This earth mom extraordinaire bore direct witness to my sordid and unruly past - can we say early 90's San Francisco? Luckily, motherhood to two beauties has rescrambled her brain enough that she remembers only those events that highlight my true maternal nature. And again, I've held her babies and not dropped them.

Thank you Jen! David's sister has a lot of dirt on this former pony tail-wearing, religion-studying husband of mine. Still, she looked past these transgressions and wrote a beautiful letter for our future. All while taking care of a wonderful new baby and two incredible girls. Once more, I've held her babies, and did not drop them. Not once.

Again, I don't know who the hell these people were that you were all writing about, but they will make lovely parents someday.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and will have a fantastic and life changing 2008!!

Update on adoption - we're about three months into the wait for a referral, we've got about three or so more to go. Half way! I'll post an outline of the process in the coming weeks.


S & D

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