Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Day in Court!

We got it!!!! The court date!!! July 18!!! This is where we will officially be given custody of sweet Baby M in Ethiopia!!! How many exclamation marks can I use to truly indicate the level of excitement!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!! Thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David and I signed powers of attorney so that staff from our agency can stand in for us in court for this first part of the official process in Addis. If all goes well, he'll be ours by the end of that day. After that, we have to wait for some more bureacuratic rigamarol that will deliver the much anticipated birth certificate. From there we'll get a travel date, which we think will be somewhere in mid September. Fingers, toes, and tongues (yes, its possible) crossed.

Yay. Home for fall, and just in time for his first embarrassing Halloween get up. This little guy's gonna be some sort of insect, ocean argonaut, or cuddly mammal. Depending if he's large enough to fit into the awesome tiger suit sent to us by Miss Gwen from Spokane. If not, David's wearing it, size be damned.

On another off topic note:

Overheard on our street last night by a woman chatting furiously on her screaming pink, bejeweled cell phone:

"I know...he's crazy. I sort of like him. Did you smell his feet? You did? Did they smell like Zach's?

What the...?


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