Friday, May 29, 2009

Do you smell an Earth Mom?

You should, because she's looking might dirty.

Check this out:

Someone did a little gardening last weekend. Someone got her precious yuppie hands dirty - under the fingernails and everything.

Here I am posing with a prop, I mean a bag of dirt.

David said he didn't want to be part of this "charade" as he took this pic. But, I swear to you my friends, there were no charades involved. I planted things. Flowers. Touched the soil. Got back to the salt, whatever it is you're supposed to do. Misho needs to know that even though her lady pipes don't work, his mama can make the earth put forth. Here's the evidence.

Haven't seen too much action from these buds in the last couple of days, though. Maybe a millimeter at most. Wouldn't be surprised if I ended up killing this lot. But heh, at least I tried.

Here's Big D really giving it the heave ho.

And this poor sap had serious back surgery last year.

To end, what you all come here for in the first place, more Misho...looking mighty chill.


Julie said...

Very Earthy. Lady pipes... you kill me. I need you to have your own show. Claire H has nothing on you.

Liz said...

Can I offer some advice? Put some mulch around those plants and water them WAY more than you think they need - like every other day. Then they will be more likely to survive and you can claim your Earth Mother title!