Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy DaDa's Day!

Big Woo here - we heartily apologize for the June MIA, but Big Woo family has been spinning the collective wheel for the last few weeks. So much to write about - referralversary, visit from Lincoln and the Peaks, Vegas, and more freakishly, Shelby turning 40.

But before I get into all that, Mr. M would like to interrupt the normal Big Woo Buzz for a special multi-media piece he's thrown together especially for his DaDa.

To the Best DaDa in the World,

Happy first DaDa's Day dear DaDa! You are my sunshine, my open and shut them, my ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...Thank you for teaching me to fly off my changing table, feeding me licorice behind mama's back, dressing me in leg warmers and always some sort of plaid, letting me scream at an unbelievably high pitch in public places, deciphering mommy's weird ass moods for me, putting me on your shoulders and not walking into low hanging trees, wiping my buttarsky without mockery, and loving me unconditionally.

I love you Big D. Here's to more DaDa D Days to come!

EDIT - Turn off overused, soon-to-be-changed blog music at the IPod icon on the right hand side bar - to enjoy the montage muzak that Misho picked out for Big D.


Claudia said...

hey there... I clicked on your blog because i thought you were someone else named shelby (sorry!) but I'm glad I found you! The description of you cooking a pork chop cracked me up. Oh, and your little boy is super-cute!

Lyn-Dee said...

hey...are you alive? I miss your crazy antics.