Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cougar-Mellencamp

I was stared at by John (Cougar - it's in parantheses now) Mellencamp. Not once, but twice. In Chicago. In a restaurant that shall go un-named for now, but has the initials, RL.

Cougar's head was extremely large.

I don't think he was checking me out, given the hottie-model-wife that he's employed to stay next to him at all times. But he did give me one of those "didn't-we-share-some-sort-of-something-or-other-in-1988-during-a-no-longer-functioning-music-festival-of-mulletted-soon-to-be-has-beens?" kind of stare.

And then I had to think: did I actually have a tryst with the (Cougar) in 1988 during a has-been west coast musical festival?

It got me thinking.


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