Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here He Is!!!!!

In all his pink majesty, may I introduce to all of you Mishamo French Pehlke! For those of you who know me, how perfect is it that my son is in drag?

We made it through court last Friday. No hitches so far. Ethiopia has given us the blessing to be the blessed parents of this beautiful boy!

We feel so lucky and are so excited!!!

Now we endure the next stage of wait: the birth certificate and travel date.

We were given anywhere from 8 to 12 more weeks - putting us somewhere in late August in the best case scenario and late September on the other end. Things are a bit backed up. Ethiopia is experiencing a severe drought and power outages are frequent. As a result, birth certificates are being sput out at a rather slow rate.

I owe many of you email responses, and they are a comin, but thanks to everyone overall for all your kind words and support!

Please feel free to leave us comments and any parenting advice here on the blog. As first time parents, at least we've kept the dogs alive, so we're feeling pretty good about the upgrade!

Love to everyone!

Shelby and David


Anonymous said...

yay, congrats yall! it ok if i get a pink gift even tho he's a boy since he's used to it? or do you only want blue stuff. can i visit chicago and carry him through boystown one afternoon? they say babies work 2.5 times better than puppies in public to say "i'm sensitive and sexy." - milt

Eileen said...

oh my god, Shelby, he is GORGEOUS. I want Penny to marry him. Is it too early to marry our children off to each other?