Thursday, December 4, 2008

Condo Fiebre

Here's what cabin fever looks like today:

We've had a reverse-evacuation to the confines of the condo. Its 20 or so degrees out. We've got unbearable wind chills, little heartiness to the cold from this CA gal, and a baby who prefers, no, demands to be naked. Our skin is about to peel off from the fake dry air. We've run out of things to talk about and the silences are muy awkward. I can't verify this but I think Little M may be petitioning to go back. He didn't bargain for extreme weather conditions that kept him locked up like an ailing hermit.

What would C. Huxtable do in this situation? Manhandle Mr. Huxtable into moving to a more moderate and sensible location.

Fine idea.

In the meantime, I've taken to Little M's method of pacification. It's actually quite nice.

S & M (oh my - just realized that I've been signing alot of things with those initials that represent something a bit different than the mother/son relationship. Nice.)


paige said...

Our first winter in Chicago was ugly. I stayed in the house for 9 days straight because of stupid things like windchill, and unshoveled sidewalks (oh for a jog stroller with all-terrain wheels back then). This winter promises to be balmy--you will be out an about more than you ever dreamed!

Sarah said...

say it with me, INDOOR MALLS!!!!!!! also, the greenery at the conservatory might help brighten the mood. I felt like I was living in The Shining my first winter here with kids.

colette said...

When it was 20 below, I'd bundle them up and stand on back porch and play with them 10 minutes, maybe? They were so immobilized by the clothes, my only fear was that they'd roll down the 3 flights, though they would've survived because of the padding. You need it as much as him. Take a walk around the block.