Friday, February 20, 2009

My Bloody Valentine

I haven't been so true to my promise of one blog entry per day. Been living in a somewhat hormonally depleted fog, combined with rapid fire baby needs and knick nack paddy whacks. I'll keep trying though. I'm sure there are Big Woo fan clubs in Montana and Idaho holding out for true commitment.

Had a wonderful and pleasant Valentine's Day last Saturday. Mr. M looked me square in the eye, said "Mama" in a clear and endearing voice, clutched my jaw, and then...proceeded to bite my face. Our love is silent like a lamb. He's discovered his teeth. The gentle face sucking sessions are a thing of the past. Four teeth now protrude like ivory fangs ready to plunge into my fleshy bits at any moment. It's like living with Bat Boy.

Though, obviously Mr. M is a helluvalot cuter and not going to burn in hell.

Looks like I'm back on my way to work March 9th. Have a great new position at Rotary - working from home - best of both worlds. Will share the working mother guilt with you all later.

Time to enter into the next snow storm. 4 to 6 inches due tomorrow. Another diary entry for the "Encourage Husband to Move to Warmer Climate" file.

Misho is ready to disrobe and go. Or he's auditioning for an ensemble role in South Pacific.


-C said...

I my God you are hilarious. I think I wet myself reading this. South Pacific ensemble


los cazadores said...

I second Charlotte's sentiment, you are hilarious. Can I be a follower? Although much like my aversion to being with cool technology, I'm the last person to subscribe to RSS and get on Facebook.

Misho is super cute. Also, I'm a huge fan of Claire Huxtable. (did I spell that right?)