Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rewire Success!

We hit a home run! Though as I write this of course he is protesting a bit on the morning nap. Actually a lot so I was just on the phone with my husband talking me down from the ledge. But up until this morning, the rewire took hold. He never cried (except briefly for the first night) when left in the crib. We've secured an evening ritual (brief nightcap, political recap of the day, vision boarding and the like) and oddly it all seemed to work. Right away. 11 to 12 hours not waking up each night. Down for naps with no problem. Freaked the bejesus out of me. I was actually scared to give an update since I thought that would surely jinx the success. But with this morning's brief setback, I feel safe enough to brag.

If he totally breaks down from here on out, I'm never posting good news again. It will all be angst and Morrisey moaning and desperate cries for help.

Here's my recent O'bamafication photo that really says it all...

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paige said...

Huzzah! Sometimes the little dudes just don't know how tired they really are. Sounds like your zen master figured it out. Quick study--this bodes well for a future at some fancy-pants university I think.