Saturday, October 31, 2009


Misho's first cognizant Halloween. Viva la difference:

Last Year - 2008

This Year - 2009

He still retains suspicions of animal costumes put upon him. Who wouldn't? But he's definitely more relaxed and a gamer. Laid chill in his ride (stroller) for the trick or treat parade. Said, "thank you" in the most charming of ways to each house, except ours. Dada got a grunt. Ate a toddler's fill of candy. This had the expected effect - hallucinations, screaming, cold sweats, requests for water and cold towels, lots of "I love you man" and then he crashed.

All in all a great H-ween.

Here's some highlights:

A tiger roar or bowel movement. Not sure.

Mama having to be weird.


His m.o. for most of the trickertreater cruise. "so this candy is 'free'?" kind of look.

Mama in her nighttime candy distribution outfit. Or, Blanket Jackson escaping Dubai.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Eileen said...

go baby! 29 days to go. Maybe I'll join you.

Jen L. said...

Popped over from NaBloPoMo. You're funny and your son is gorgeous! (excuse me, handsome!) Very cool site. I'll be back!