Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, its true. I'm doing a lousy job of updating this blog. But after peering into a computer screen all day, the last thing on my mind is looking at another. Unless I'm checking out Perez Hilton or other celebrity related sites. Sad, I know, but what's a childless woman to do except peer into the shallow lives of the rich and beautiful?

So, we're still waiting for a referral. And it looks like the wait is going to be twice as long as originally envisioned. Appears that Ethiopia has experienced a surge in adoptions. The courts, however, have not experienced a surge in new staff or increased capacity to handle all this new interest. So our 6 to 9 month timeframe (starting October 19) may turn into a 12 month wait, with travel to Ethiopia not happening until 2009.

How have I handled this? Very dramatically. I cry often, wearing long chiffon dressing gowns, falling on my chaise lounge, screeching "why me? why me" while sucking down valium laced martinis. Actually, not that dramatic, but I do stomp my feet, and pout. The dogs are scared that I might start dressing them up soon, if things don't speed up. And we all know how much dogs hate wearing pants.

So for the most part, we feel frozen. The Chicago winter was literally frozen up until today (but the 70 degree temperatures were accompanied by 70 mph winds). The democratic nomination seems frozen (dear god Hilary, read the writing on the wall!). And the adoption seems frozen.

I'll be updating more since I've got to do something to pass the time. Any advice on how other ways to endure the additional six months is most welcome.

Peace out friends.

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