Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zombie Baby

Mr M is demonstrating some weird ass behavior. It's all very fishy. I found a post it in his onsie with my blog password, and some notes jotted in Amharic. There may be some sort of conspiracy going on. He's really jet lagged, so take what he puts out there with a grain of salt.

Additionally, he has recently taken to sucking, eating, or devouring my face. I'm thinking he does this with love, but there is a look in his eye that says, "hey lady, I could take off your cheek in one bite." He's either so in love with me that he could ingest me whole OR....he's a zombie baby. David is banking on the latter.

Caught in action. It starts off as an innocent cuddle, and then....well...please see below (not for the faint of heart). By the way, this is me with absolutely no sleep, so do not send this to Perez Hilton for commentary about my lack of personal care & style.


Sarah said...

I think the expressions on your face get more hilarious as the photos progress. That is one gorgeous baby and one happy looking mama.

paige said...

Those zombie babies always make me cry. I'm so happy he's home to eat your brain.

Cheryl said...

Hello Shelby,

I just LOVE your blog. I follow it often. You have just been tagged. For instructions, check out my blog.


Christine said...

Soooo cute! We can't wait to bring Sophie over to visit her new cousin!!
congratulations to you and David.

Eileen said...

Ah, I have a face sucker as well--and the hair pulling, oy vey! The only zombies are the sleep-deprived mama and papa. I'm so happy for you guys! More pics more pics more pics please...

Love, Eileen, Sean, Evie & Penny

Cynthia Walker said...

Hi Shelby, David and Baby M,

I am so happy for you! He's adorable, even the face eating is adorable. Just read through the last of your good to see you have not lost your sense of humor, esp. with the exploding toilet, which I want to hear more about.