Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Demeans Us Both...(the search for a smile and the ultimate mother icon)

I've heard the call for more photos! Here's our man dressed in his reptilian finest, with a look that does not hide his opinion of the whole affair. Finding photos of Misho smiles is like searching for Big Foot. I swear to god they exist (he does it often!), others have seen it, but some said it was another baby in a Misho suit (the zipper was exposed).

So in the meantime, I will start sharing the plethora of sour faces that we've captured on film, and there are a number of them.

The Transition of Misho is going well. Well...well and then not so well at times. This poor little one has been dropped into a cold bucket of new smells, sounds, and sights. My family is loud. If any of you are reading this, don't deny it - most family affairs are boistrous events where you have to aggressively vocalize to get into the game. Misho was used to very sweet smelling, sweet talking, respectful nannies who cooed lovingly at him at low volume. Sometimes he looks at us like we're a bunch of uncivilized beasts. I think I actually heard him refer to us as "white trash", but then again it could have just been a gurgle.

Transitioning into motherhood is another to-do all together. Sometimes, I'm sweet smiles, kisses, and lollipops, ready to hold my son for hours while I shower him with smooches and nibbles. Other times, I'm hiding in the closet, rocking back and forth while he launches into his third hour of crying, thinking about when a respectable time would be for the first glass of wine.

I'm looking for a mom icon, a muse, a figure of divine motherhood that I can emulate and pray to. Now, before we start mentioning mother figures of depth (Hindu gods, unmentionable actresses who are way too friggin fertile), I'm going back to the time and source that makes me most comfortable - TV moms from the 70s.

Here's who I'm working on so far:

Anne Romano - aka Bonnie Franklin (One Day at a Time) - single mother extraordinaire from One Day at a Time - I'm not single but this little lady had pluck and a fine looking bowl bob.

Carol Brady - aka Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch) - kind of an obvious pick, but any woman who could smile incessantly around 6 children and invent the mullet is someone to look up to.

Florida Evans -aka Estelle Rolle (Good Times) polyester pantsuits and a no nonsense attitude. Florida is currently in the lead in my book.

So my friends, help me find my diety of motherhood. Mama needs a mentor. And I promise that once chosen, I will post a picture of me dressed as this new muse; hair, attitude, and all. Leave your suggestions - I'll tally up the results and set out a poll.

In the meantime, please help the mother of this lost little boy find some direction...


paige said...

Many thanks, my good woman. It's so nice to have my demands answered!

I vote for Florida Evans too. Firm, but loving--that's the ticket! Estelle Rolle always reminded me of my grandmother--something about the rhythym of her voice, or something. They certainly don't look much alike, but my grandmother always said she felt flattered by the comparison.

At all costs, avoid Donna Reed. Roseanne, and probably Claire Huxtable (too hard to keep up there). You could always pull a Stuart Smalley and remind yourself that you're exactly the kind of mother you were meant to be (even if it means lunchtime is cocktail hour for awhile)

Your boy, he is a charmer!

Eileen said...

Sarah Palin?


Wine-time is when you need it, not this social bullshit about "after 9:30 am" like CPS keeps telling me in repeated home visits.

Sarah said...

FLORIDA EVANS!!!!!! she was making it work while living with James & JJ in cabrini no less.

This mothering thing, its incredibly hard. You should be into the wine before the third hour of crying starts & a smart woman somewhere said she used earplugs while dealing with the long crying stretches. Be realistic with yourself & talk to friends-- real or cyber about how the journey is going. Other moms were my main support system then & frankly, still are. You're doing a great job- but its not going to feel like it all the time. Love the costume. Let's meet soon.