Monday, October 13, 2008

A letter from Mishamo Inc.

Dear Shareholders (and those with vested interest in Mishamo Incorporated),

This open letter will provide an update on the current state of affairs for the company of Mishamo Inc. As with the rest of the US economy, our portfolio has entered a bearish market of intense fluctuations and seemingly unexplainable changes. For instance, I, as CEO of Mishamo Inc., at one time lived in a comfortable room with 6 or so other CEO's who were fed, diapered, and bathed on a regimented and predictable schedule. This schedule has been abruptly altered, against my will. It appears that I have been victim of a bloodless corporate takeover by two new board members, and abruptly taken to a new headquarters in a land that I know not much about. The aforementioned schedule seems to have been completely disregarded and no longer applies to my clock and parameters of time. Additionally, I'm often required to pose for repeated photos with these said board memebers; individuals that I do not know, nor do I know if they have any vested interested in my work or the interests of the company. I often have strong, vocal opinions, and wish to share these opinions with those who I believe should hear them. I am now often shushed, repeatedly, and bounced around in a swaying and/or up and down like motion, like this will change my perspective or create some sort of comfort and stability in this time of great flux. Moreover, my daily meals have taken on a duller and blander taste and texture. Gone are the days of spice and pungency; replaced with gruel that supposedly is good for the lining of my stomach. I strongly feel this should be my decision, and yet, I am silenced.

I write to you, not for pity, but to alert you to the intense shake up of the basic foundation of the company. I implore you to check in repeatedly to assure that these new drivers of the organization have my best interests at heart, and understand that I still do and will forever lead this company into glory. I am more than willing to adjust to change - because as someone I never read once wrote: if you do not change, you will die (or something like that). I for one, want to thrive. So, with your help and support of the new regime, I feel that this may, in the end, be a win-win situation. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I refer to the photo below:

Yours in service,
Mishamo French Pehlke, CEO
Mishamo Incorporated


paige said...

Dearest Mishamo

Secret a bottle of berbere on your person at all times. Voila! No more bland mealtime. I can't help you with the hostile takeover, but the berbere, I can front you...

Sarah said...

dear sir,

Feel free to call on us for service- we do the dirty work and can let those folks get some rest. our company can provide meals, fresh formula, or walks in the park. best of luck to you.

JoMama said...

Hi guest house II crew...It is Habtamu here. I delight my mama with full nights of sleep and sweetest grins and giggles but to keep it real I just pooped in my high chair ant took off my diaper.(note from JoMama..flight was dreadful but homecoming sweet...I enjoyed a good laugh at your blogstop!)

-C said...

Dear Mr. Mishamo, as someone who has been following the behind the scenes lead in to your arrival, I can say that these two board members will offer you nothing but the best.

You are the Big Woo's most valuable asset, so please go easy on them. I have met little CEO's like you before and I know what you are capable of. Trust me, you want them in your corner. Right now they are just tired and confused, if you cut them a little slack and let them sleep....a will be amazed at how much you will love this new corporation.

Have no fear, you will always remain the CEO.


Board member
Habeshahouse inc.

Sarah said...


I"m going to need to get your real email sometime. we're going to be at wicker park tomorrow at about 9 meeting amy & asher. If you guys are up for an outing, you should meet us. also, there is a ethiopian adoption movie being shown at nancy's tomorrow night-- realize it might be a bit soon, but wanted to throw it out there.