Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Photos of a a flu-ridden husband and a darling son.

I've turned into a word-lite, photo heavy blogger. But honestly, I can't juggle much more than the basic human need to pee plus the anxiety of oncoming infant poo and tears. I'm not a good lady-mother who can do it all.

With all do respect Claire Huxtable, you can kiss my ass.

I'm very good at watching my son for movements of genius or Jenny McCarthy level concern. I can focus on non-infant activities like email until Misho pelts me in the back of my head with babyspitballs launched from the pack and play.

I used to think I could handle things. Complex things. But Mr. M has taught me otherwise. I am of simple mind.


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-C said...

Welcome to the world of much air space between ears. Just wait until you find your socks in the fridge or you lock yourself out of the house. This is just the beginning and you will astound yourself, during the course of parenting, at what the distracted baby love will have you forgetting or screwing up. The multi tasking mom thing really is just a myth. Your heart is so full that it is suffocating your brain, it is perfectly normal.

Charlotte (who has been brain dead for years:)