Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One blog entry per day...

...or at least I'll try. I need some sort of assignment to keep my baby numb brain from falling into complete decay. Not that I'm not enjoying every last delicious second of my stay-at-home-mom-dom, but I don't want to become so disoriented that I end up inventing some sort of contraption for wiping up baby poo or writing a baby seal coming-of-age book ala Madonna or Jamie Lee Curtis.

So today's hot topic - the coagulation of medication for latent turbuculosis. Visual below.

I know that's why most people visit the Big Woo - medical information.

Misho has to take this gooey guck for the next year. He has latent TB mind you, not symptomatic TB that require scratchy wool blankets and sanitoriums in Arizona. We've had 5 bottles of this crap delivered to the house and each bottle ends up coagulating like 20 year old toothpaste. There is no way in hell I'm serving this goo to my innocent little TB (latent mind you) ridden baby.

When I first called the pharmacy about the issue, they said it must have been a "bad batch." A "bad batch?" I'm serving up a "bad batch" to my 10 month old son? Needless to say I've taken copious notes and kept every bottle in it's potent and gel like form in case the French-Pehlkes need to litigate. My husband litigates for a living so we're covered.

Anywho, I've stopped the medication once again until we can get a "good batch" that stays in what is supposed to be a syrupy form.

My lesson for the day: if a baby has to chew medication, don't give it to him.


paige said...

I don't know, those pepto bismol chews are much tastier than the liquid nonsense. Maybe chewable TB relief is the way to happiness and enlightenment

Stacey said...

Hmmm....is it possible the freezing temperatures in Chicago are changing the meds into the gloppy mess?

Sarah said...

his expression is outstanding-- very wary of the medicine bottle.