Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidaze & the Like...

Howdy and hello - hope everyone had a great holiday season and fantastic Dick Clark's (soon to be pillow smothered by Ryan Seacrest) Rockin New Year's Eve!

The holidays appeared to be a delight for Misho-san. Wide eyes, confusion, laughter, screams, hangovers, strange hugs from family members etc. Lots of festivities and construction of foreign toys and the like - hence my disappearance from my normal weekly blog updates. Currently, I'm putzing through the endless holiday video footage for tidbits to post. David and I are kind of like Depression-era computer geniuses - we're really good at Casio and Lotus, but the gosh darn new fandangled things really confuse us.

In short, Mr. M is healthy, moving, shaking, and babbling up a storm. 2008 blessed us well.

More soon!



paige said...

Happy New Year sweet family!!!

Sarah said...

happy new year, handsome child! let's hope this year brings someone who will smother ryan seacrest with a pillow. maybe dick clark?