Monday, August 18, 2008


Hi everyone,

A big woo bowl of love and gratitude to everyone who came to the best baby shower in the universe thrown by my loving and sexy friends; Katherine and Robbyn! Crazy candid photos to come soon.

People were wonderfully ill behaved in a variety of inappropriate and sick ways. Plastic babies were encased in ice! Profanity flew around the room! Cats were chased by heat seeking toddlers! The Mom and Pop to-be didn't pass out but could have if there had been yet one more bottle of wine. And yes, there was even scrapbooking. Now, for those of you who know me, I'm not a scrapbook kind of gal, yet even I melted when viewing the party guest-generated keepsake that will track all of Misho's numerous and record breaking accomplishments.

I'm talkin to you Phelps! (No pressure Misho).

And thanks to everyone who continues to shower us with gifts and goodies! Its like having a secret santa on your doorstep each day.

So here are the latest baby gear stats since I know your all wanting to know my latest product picks:

The closet is almost full. The crib and changing table are here.
We painted the room this weekend. The dogs lovingly rubbed their tails in it. We had a brief color snafu where we almost ended up with "bleak Russian-orphanage blue" (yes, its a color) on the walls. But luckily, the hue died down a bit (probably in response to my mom-zilla tantrum about not wanting "friggin cliche baby blue!!!") and the result is serene, soothing, and satisfying.

I think we've picked out the stroller. Well, at least we've eyeballed it. Still haven't tried it out to see if it (readers, you know where I'm going with this) collapses (refer to earlier entry about bastard stroller that tried to kill me). We'll see how this goes. I may end up carrying Misho around until he's 16.


David trying to be "coy" (well, that's what he said) and me with my underwear peeking out of the back of my pants (just trying to start up a rap career people).


FrogMom said...

Sounds like my kind of shower!

One of my favorite things about adopting was that I got to drink wine and margaritas at my own baby shower.

Shelby & David said...

Amen, sister.