Thursday, August 7, 2008

Misho as Art

Well as you can all see, the wait for birth certificate and travel date continues. The silence is deafening. At times, I emit an almost Zen-like patience that the Dali Lama would envy. This lasts for about three and half minutes normally during Project Runway (which I'm none too happy with this season I must say) or a frenzied flamenco class during a tornado, and then its back to the basic level of fret. Not so much fret, but irritated impatience. I sort of understand the bureaucratic reasoning behind the wait, but then I fear the gnomes and what sort of shenanigans they could inject into this process if it goes on too long (see a the Bad Day entry of August 1 for context).

Please gnomes, stay far far away from our son. Find other ways to channel your anger and thoughts of revenge. We'll pay you off, in some sort of gnome-accepted currency; small shiny objects, gingerbread condos, and/or of course, liquor.

Yes. You could say...I'm praying to the gnomes. Its possible. And bound to get worse as the wait continues.

In the meantime, my friends are helping me pass the time by turning one of the only two photos we have a Misho into truly high art.

If you are questioning my current mental state, you have every reason to do so. We're hanging by a thread here people.



Mama Sweet Pea said...

There is room in my padded cell, if you wanna join me!! Who'd a thought this wait for a piece of paper would send us over the edge! I'd tell ya to hang in there...but I am sick of people telling that to instead I say...join me in a tantrum!


shelby said...

Thanks MamaSweetPea! I'm tantruming in the most dramatic, loud ways possible!