Friday, August 15, 2008

Waiting for Misho

Like for Godot...we wait. It sort of feels like someone is holding my child for ransom. Ethiopia thinks we're his parents, we think we're his parents, I'm 100% sure our dogs think we're his parents (they've sniffed the onsies; they know something is up), and frankly, I think Misho on a subconscious level is hip to the gig (whatever that means).

And yet. We wait.

If Godot shows up instead, I'll be pissed.

And by the way, the photo up above is to find out if my husband is actually reading this blog. Duddie? (And yes, that is David, sitting in a tub, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas)

Shelby (aka Misho's mom - in case the universe didn't hear it clearly the first time.)


Eileen said...

that is some sweet bathtub action--ours are more like outhouses. I heart renting x 20 years!

Eileen said...

When is Misho's birthday? We can do i-playdates for Penny & Misho!