Monday, November 3, 2008

vote, do it, or I'll be angry

...and while we're at it, vote for the guy I want. The Big O. He is splendiforous. He's a mighty mighty man, whose hand I have had the pleasure to shake. I could go on, but I am going on very little sleep and sanity so my words are few and probably in the wrong order. Mr. M regressed a bit. One too many doctors visits with an unfortunate chest xray. Little M is fine, but he's got a bout of the latent TB. Nothing horrible - no trips to Tuscon wrapped in a scratchy wool blanket for recovery. But still, a bit anxiety producing. Especially for him. It's 1am and I just got him to sleep...and he had one eye on me the whole time.

I have some lovely blog entries lined up but finding the key board in my sleep deprived state is challenging.

For now, here is a random photo of the boys getting their music on. The Jam to be precise.


paige said...

Ack, Shelby!

Sorry about the latent TB thing, and your sleep deprivation. Are you doing the nine month protocol? If so, you may wnat to check out some of the Chinese adoption message boards about coping with/disguising taste of the meds.

Be well, all of you!

paige said...

check out my sleep deprived typing. Good Maude, I need to sleep too!

Sarah said...

crap. feel better little M. Hope you are getting some catch up sleep & have caffeine available at all times.