Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dance Casualty

Dance over 40 is not for the weak of heart. Or for those over 40. Or for those who just turned 40. Anyone?

Flamenco'ed today at the Museum of Science and Industry. Not sure if we were the science or the industry. But do know that my feet have swollen to twice their size. Class/rehearsal in the morning, and the show in the afternoon. Wouldn't have phased my 25 year old self, or even my 35 year old kicker, but now we're on a whole new middle aged playing field. The huge plate of ravioli, martini and basket of bread following the performance didn't help.

I can barely form a sentence. Blog entry will focus on the evidence. Notice how one foot is trying to soothe the other...tender, really. It feels worse than it looks, or I'm just a big princess.

I'm not too tired, however, to realize that I fully opened the oven door on that one.

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