Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's just say your child eats a rock. Maybe two.

A small rock. Not even a rock, a pebble at best. What happens?

Let's just say that a very attentive (fictional) mother did her best to retrieve the aforementioned group of (two at most) rocks from the gullet of a very beautiful (fictional) child but came up empty. Is that a problem? An emergency room visit? Or a "wait to see what happens later" kind of situation?

As a former mental health gal, I wouldn't slap this hypothetical situation with a diagnosis of pica: it hasn't happened more than once in a month and no pattern of eating nonfood material has been expressed. Additionally, in this hypothetical scenario, there has been no obvious discomfort or avoidance of regular food. In fact, a perfectly normal hypothetical bowel experience occured quite recently. Hypothetically, I think this child will survive.

Hmm. Just a passing Sunday scenario that wafted through my brain. Thought I would share.

Plus, this hypothetical child has bigger fish to fry: staring down some street performing weirdo in a cheetah suit.



Shannon- said...

I used to love to put rocks and dirt in my mouth. Eat dirt. Yup. I can say that and mean it. It- although- did NOT produce normal poo--- produces-- never mind... TMI

Julie said...

If it makes you feel better I just Googled,"What do you do if your baby swallows a guitar pick?" We are missing one.