Monday, November 2, 2009

Neil Diamond Fills My Empty Brain

Day 2 of 30. Was hoping for something a bit more meaty to write about. I was so excited to share the minutiae of my work and toddler upkeep duties. How fun, right? Wouldn't you all like to ride the back of the Woo through the ins and outs of this celebrity lifestyle?

As exciting as it sounds, not much happened. All quite lame actually. Maybe blogs don't need a daily commitment, but keeping an open mind, let's see. I'll pull out my bucket of judgement at the end of this informal reality venture.

I could bore with a mundane rundown of the day. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I was hoping to squeeze some juice out of these 30 days of self induced assignment. I could tell you about the well coifed, pin-striped bow tied man on Lake Shore Drive intensely watching and waiting for his two pugs to do their business. Just a bit too intensely. Uncomfortably intense. Or I could tell you about the chicago cop talking on a cell phone who slowly rammed his squad car into the Honda in front of him outside of a Starbucks, got out (still on the phone) checked for damage, left the cars in a bumper kiss and proceeded into the 'bucks for a latte.

I pray to god it was a latte.

Or I could let life be, unwritten, unexamined and link to some real meat. Neil Diamond. The Diamond is the oracle that rocks my world. It's like he's singing right to me. It is now the official theme song for the Woo.

I've become "a grown up girl." Not a woman mind you, a grown up girl.

Just where I should be.


paige said...

early in the summer, we listened to this great kids' audio book during one of our marathon driving sessions. 'A Crooked Kind of Perfect' is about a girl who dreams of playing the piano, but instead learns to play the organ. She masters 'songs of the 70s' including Forever in Blue Jeans. Through the wonder of Youtube, I introduced my tots to FiBJ and, thru the magic of YouTube, Elliott found much of the rest of the Neil Diamond songbook, so September Morning often resides in my head too. Such a long drawn out way to say "me too!"

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