Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If I had to marry a muppet...

...who would it be? I'm torn. Here are the first round of options:

1. Elmo

Clearly the most popular boy in the bunch, the most impressive on my arm on the red carpet kind of fella. But the voice could start to grate and he is a bit simple. He's probably self centered in bed to boot.

2. Telly

OR is it...

As mentioned last week, the sexiest of all muppets. But he tends to be a bit neurotic, and two neurotics in one couple never works. That's why in reality land I married the most laid back man in the universe.

3. Grover

The daredevil, a "keep you on your toes" kind of blue thang. But too many extreme sports and risk taking ventures for my taste. I wouldn't know if he'd make it home at the end of the day.

4. Big Bird

A tall drink of water to match this tall drink of water (for those not in the know, I'm frickin tall). He can read, and that's a plus. He's sensitive, but he's dialing it in lately. Rumor has it he's a bit of a toker, and I just don't need that at my age.

5. Murray

This one might fit the bill, but he has a thing for sheep, which again, at my age might be too much work.

I'm not even going to entertain the "me, Burt and Ernie" triad. Children frequent this blog.

Anywho readers, advice or thoughts?

P.S. Notice I didn't mention Cookie Monster? There's a history. I can't talk about it.


Liz said...

I'm partial to Snufflupugus myself...

Grace Vigilante said...

Shelby - totally enjoying your November blogs! And I miss you terribly... not to mention I have yet to formally meet Mr. M.

Anyway... while I love the Sesame Street Muppets, what about the Muppet Show muppets? Sexiest? Easy, Animal (name says it all, if you know what I mean). But marriage material? Sweetums... he's a heck of a man!
XOXO! Grace