Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finding the Right Antibiotic Bullet

Looks like we've finally located the right antibiotic for Little M's seemingly indestructable bacteria. Took a few tries, much to our chagrin, but think we have the right thing now. Still day by day, still in the hospital, but he's in a much better mood and adapting to looking like a scene from a sci-fi film. Tomorrow, he has one more draconian medical procedure to determine the anatomical issue that may be causing the vulnerability to infection. I'll be bringing whiskey; for him and us.

More importantly, we've kept the clowns out of the room.

By the way, I don't watch too much Grey's Anatomy, but enough for me to think that all the medical personnel are doing it in the broom closet all the time. They always come in looking disheveled and with a tell-tale glow. I shudder to think how the clowns are involved.

To erase that picture from your mind, here's our little guy hopefully on the mend:


Julie said...

Clare Huxtable has got nothin on you. Hope you are all home soon, and for the love of GOD I hope the clowns are gone for good.

Robbyn said...

Clare H. can suck it! I don't remember Rudy ever being in the hopital and needing protection from violent clowns...I'm just saying. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hang in there!!-R

paige said...

Your dude can rock the diaper/heart monitor look like nobody's business.

Glad there are no clowns to gum up the works!

Lyn-Dee said...

You and Dave are terrific parents. Keep the clowns out of the room and you will remain that way in Mr. M's heart. :-) Wishing for the best with tomorrow's procedure.