Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Night That Made Misho Smile...

Ever seen a look of satisfaction quite like that before? Thank you Obama for helping us catch the elusive Big Foot!

I'm so happy I could squeal. And have been for the last 24 hours. It's starting to hurt.

Despite the look of happiness and balance above, little guy is still on a rather rigorous sleep strike. I have easily aged 5 years since this weekend. It appears that Mr. M does not like it when I tend to my own affairs such as peeing, tooth brushing, showering, sleeping, breathing, or eating the occasional piece of stale bread. I feel like a hostage with Stockholm syndrome. I've chosen to fall in love with my captor to avoid the deep rooted madness that is hovering around my head like a horse fly. Seriously, I never thought I could be brought to the brink of crazy quite like this. I've brought in reinforcements; Nonnie is here and loaded Mr. M up in the carriage and they're off to Guam or somewhere near there. In the meantime, I'm slipping in a quick blog entry, and checking in on poor Ellen Degeneres who must be so friggin pissed that California has proven itself so backward and bigoted. I mean the other half of California that I never met when growing up there. Cruel and unnecessary.

In the meantime, cheers to my sweet sweet crush Obama and a year where I don't feel the urge to say I'm Canadian to seatmates on international flights.



Cindy said...

What a BEAUTIFUL smile!!
It is a good day!

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah said...

I love that grin!

paige said...

He's obama x as handsome as he used to be!

It's funny, (or maybe it isn't--maybe it's patheti-sad to keep a conversation with strangers in my head for 22 months)

Anyway--2 years ago, when I was in SF house-hunting, I met this really nice British couple on the airport shuttle. we chatted for the entire 40 minute ride, an they were particularly focused on politics and the election of 2008. Barack Obama was already on their radar, although at the time, I couldn't imagine he was ready to run. I've thought of these people a good deal in the last year or so. I hope they are pleased about this election's outcome. I thought of them the moment the election was called.

Glad you've brought in reinforcements...