Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mishamo in the Hospital

Hi all - just wanted to give everyone a heads up that our poor little Mishamo was admitted to the hospital today. After many hours of projectile vomiting and a high fever, we took him to the ER. He's okay now but has a complicated kidney infection related to something in his anatomy. For awhile they thought it might be bacterial meningitis - which is a whole load of hell that we didn't even want to think about and almost threw me over the edge. He's still miserable, still throwing up, but it is a diagnosis that is treatable over the next year. He already has the latent TB treatment so this is another load of goodness to throw on top of that. It was horrible today. He had a spinal tap, a tube stuck down his throat into his intestines, an ultrasound, five or six chest and abdomen xrays, and a catheter.
With this much poking, prodding, and probing, we might as well have gotten his nipples pierced and a picture of the Ethiopian flag tattooed on his ass. It was horrific.

I wasn't sure who to kill first. What would Claire Huxtable do? Exactly what I did I am confident to say; assert my self loudly yet diplomatically (with a dash of "I'm actually truly crazy" thrown in) when my child is almost in convulsions and no one seems to sense the urgency. It was a nightmare.

It's 1:30am, and I'm home dealing with the dogs for a few hours - David's at the hospital and I'll be back there in a couple of hours or so. Please keep us in your thoughts. It looks like we're out of the woods but will probably be in the hospital for a couple of days.

The house is really quiet and sad without Little M. The dogs can feel it.

S & D


FrogMom said...

Wow. I am so sorry. I can't imagine how awful and scary your night must have been. We will certainly be thinking of your family and especially little M. Glad to hear that he is out of the woods and I hope you can bring him home soon.

paige said...

Lady, if ever there was an appropriate time to drop the f-bomb, this might be it.

So scary, but glad he's here with you where he can be properly treated. Be well, mama.

Kisses to your to

Julie said...

Poor little guy. Sorry you are going through this. Hope he is home soon.

Sarah said...

please let us help out with the dogs or anything else you need. keeping that sweet guy in our thoughts.

paige said...

Hey, that should be kisses to your tot...

Cindy said...

I am so sorry that little M is sick. I hope you are all home from the hospital very soon.

Sparkleneely said...

I am so sorry... that must have been absolutely terrifying for you and the poor little guy.

Looking forward to reading about his homecoming. Take care, honey. You're all in my thoughts.