Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home and Clown Free!!!!

We just got home from the hospital!! Looks like little man had a very resistant form of bacteria and went through most if not all of the more widely available antibiotics - none worked. We had to get some underground, rarely used, antibiotic with CDC approval since all the others were no match for our boy's goods. I think it is the only antibiotic in the US arsenal that could save us from alien attack if the aliens come bearing alien bacteria.

All is set now, he's on the mend but will be on additional alien-prevention-crud for about a year.

But most importantly, we were able to escape the mirth and merriment of the clown rounds.

Thanks again to everyone who sent emails and such!!! We will be in touch once we get ourselves back together again.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!!! Here are some more photos of Little M on the Mend.

Sick but still sweet.

David trying to pull the infection out of Little M's head.

I was known as the bra-less woman who roamed the floors at night spraying for clowns.


cmw said...

Wow! Just had a chance to catch up. What a difference a few days makes. Sick kids, hospitals, trying everything knowing nothing (you and maybe them, too), just sucks beyond description. They might as well serve up some kool-aid with the clowns to make it a class A grade nightmare. I'm glad they found the right antibiotic - there are so many. Anyway, I'm thinking of you all and wish you well. This will be a MOST thankful holiday. cmw

Holly Fisher said...

I am so happy to hear that they found the right med for your son! Have a great Thanksgiving.

Sarah said...

congratulations on being home. you guys have really been thrown into the fire over the last few weeks. Misho-- its time to stay healthy. This child can NEVER encounter another germ. Have a wonderful thanksgiving & let's see each other when that guys is feeling good.

paige said...

Floppy shoes, floppy boobs-it really is nightmare in those halls!

So glad you are back home, free from nasty kidney attacks, cholera and clowns.